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  • Uper Energy has won the bid for the Tongwei 30 MW and Tibet Xiexin 20 MW photovoltaic Power Station O&M Service Project.


    Recently, Uper Energy have won the bid for Sichuan Xidetong Weihuijin 30 MW Power Station and Tibet Rinbung County Xiexin 20 MW Power StationO&M Service Project.

    Xide County is affiliated to the Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, located in the southwestern Sichuan. The power station is a mountainous power station, which is affected by the congenital terrain, and the partition is complex challenging to be standardized. Accordingly, it is necessary to specifically tailor the O&M plan to accommodate this. Improper O&M could result in losses in power plant assets and damage to the environment.

    Based on the special needs of this project, Uper Energy has designed an implementation plan for O&M service of the photovoltaic plant. This plan allows for greater control of the planning process as well as effectively avoiding problems faced by current systems. Building off of the core technology asset management platform and existing offline operation and maintenance service networks, Uper Energy’s implementation plan both leverages existing frameworks while also improving their efficiency.

    Renbu County is in the southern part of the Tibet Autonomous Region and the eastern part of prefecture-level city of Shigatse City (with an average elevation of 3,950 meters). It has a temperate semi-arid plateau monsoon climate. All power generated is fed into the grid and generates approximately 31 million kWh of electricity.

    Currently, this is the highest-altitude O&M project undertaken by Uper Energy. With its sunshine hours up to 2,300, the Rinbung area is an ideal location for photovoltaic power generation. However, several factors make operation in this area quite difficult. Such problems include the harsh natural conditions of the environment and the poor grid construction. Furthermore, the risk of heavy snowfall in winter and mudslides in summer also complicates the O&M tasks.

    Uper provides both conventional and professional customized power station operation and maintenance services for its customers. Presently, Uper Energy has served nearly 2GW PV projects. The projects involve numerous power station types suitable for various biomes and terrain, including mountains, water surfaces, roof, agriculture and animal husbandry and plateau.

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