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  • We help you reduce costs and improve efficiency by turning data into something you can benefitWith UniCare?, the internet-based shared asset management platform we developed in-house for power stations, we combine internet and digital information technologies with our photovoltaic (PV) expertise to enable digital management for PV power stations. We optimize the operation for our customers based on a combination of visualized data analysis and consultative services, delivering sustainable value in terms of operational efficiency and cost savings. We provide PV power stations with our “Watchful Service Guarantee”, a standardized managed O&M service designed to ensure the normal operation of power stations, and “Preferential Service Guarantee”, a customized O&M service that can meet our customers’ specific needs by giving them a guaranteed quality assurance program fully tailored to the individual power station’s unique operational profile.

    Data Visualization
    and Consultative

    Predictive Operational
    Analysis and
    of Equipment

    Optimization of the
    at PowerStations

    • Digital Management of PV Power Station, Assets
    • Internet-based Shared Asset Management Platform UniCare®
    • Infrastructure includes data collection equipment, cloud servers and database

    Connections including
    and Data Transmission

    Sensor Data Collection

    Equipment at
    PV Power Stations

    Solar PV Project

    Energy Storage Project

    Wind Power Project

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